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Cloud Capital

Venture Capital for the Cloud Economy


We understand that building a scalable and category-defining business is a long and arduous journey. Drawing inspiration from 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa', crashing and turbulent waves are only expected and we want to be there with you, helping you steer.

Digital The Great Wave off Kanagawa   Ho

Deployed >$8M across 50+ startups

Solo GP 

AL DP.jpeg


CEO at EquityList (AngelList India company): used by 200+ startups to manage cap table, ESOPs, data room, and other compliance ops across India, Singapore, and US.
Co-host at AngelList India Radio: Conversations for founders and investors by the AngelList India team. 
Earlier: Venture Hacker @ AngelList India; Founding Member @ SquadStack (B2B SaaS)

Angel Investor: other than my Cloud Capital investments, I have also invested in Chronicle (Accel, Square Peg), Atmana (YC), (Sequoia Capital, Square Peg, Together Fund), OSlash (Accel, Dylan Field), Even Healthcare (Alpha Wave, Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund), Atlys (a16z, Sequoia Capital), and others

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